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Lancaster Community TV is airing on Comcast Channel 66- Your Local Connection for arts, entertainment, information, education & local sports! We support the Lancaster Community, nonprofits, schools, organizations and more. Lancaster Community TV is for the Lancaster Community, by the community, and about the community. LCTV 66 wants to focus on all that’s good about where we live, work and play!

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Popular Shows

  • Cahill’s Kitchen 2012

    Cahill’s Kitchen 2012

  • Lancaster Art Hotel

    Lancaster Art Hotel

  • Andy and Patrick S1 E1

    Andy and Patrick S1 E1

  • Andy and Patrick S1 E2

    Andy and Patrick S1 E2

  • Science Explorers S1 E1

    Science Explorers S1 E1

  • Andy and Patrick S1 E3

    Andy and Patrick S1 E3


TUNE IN ON COMCAST CHANNEL 66: Lancaster’s local television highway to arts, culture, education, entertainment, ideas, information, and local sports programming.

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